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Smart Payment Association (SPA)

The Smart Payment Association (SPA) is the trade body of the smart payment industry.
The Smart Payment Association addresses the challenges of the evolving payment ecosystem, offering leadership and expert guidance to help its members and their financial institution customers realize the opportunities of smart, secure and personalised payment systems & services both now and for the future.
A non-profit organization founded in 2004, the association now counts six members including the three founding members Giesecke & Devrient, Gemalto and Oberthur Technologies, and Austria Card, Incard and Morpho.
With more than 975 million smart payment cards delivered by its members in 2012, SPA represents more than 85% of the smart payment cards market. This figure corresponds to a 9% year-on-year growth (2011 vs. 2012), showing the ongoing momentum of EMV deployment.

The SPA works in partnership with global standards bodies, its own vendor community, and an expanding ecosystem of established and emerging brands offering an ever-growing portfolio of advisory and support services.

SPA delivers the market’s most accurate barometer of payment trends by publishing an annual analysis of payment trends based on actual manufacturer sales data.

SPA supports the creation and adoption of standards and best practice through an active participation in standards settings organization:
  • EPC-CSG/SEPA: Card Representative and Vendor Spokeperson, Chair of the EPC-CSG Task Force to specify the SEPA functional and security requirements for emergent & remote payments ( Internet + Mobile)
  • EMVCo: Technical Associate and Board Advisor for Card Sector
SPA extends expert advice and support across the payments ecosystem through: 
  • An eye-growing library of expert technical resources 
  • Thought leadership collaterals to shape the future of payment

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