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SPA - Smart Payment Association - Whate we do


  Provide a comprehensive portfolio of advisory and advocacy services.


SPA delivers the market’s most accurate barometer of secure payment technology trends by publishing an annual analysis of payment trends based on actual manufacturer sales data.


SPA extends expert advice and support across the payments ecosystem through an ever growing library of expert technical resources and thought leadership collaterals to shape the future of payment technologies.


  Defend member interests from a regulatory perspective, while addressing issues of standardization, certification and security to drive the technologies and business models that are shaping the future of payment technology.


Engagement in industry bodies and standardization organizations across the world – offering guidance on best practices, providing the ‘vendor’ perspective and ensuring regulatory initiatives are beneficial to the efficiency of the ecosystem.


SPA supports the creation and adoption of standards through an active participation in standards settings organizations ie. ECSG, EMVCo, PCI etc.



  Opening to encompass a rapidly evolving and broad payments community addressing new verticals and geographies.


Controlled expansion of membership – consolidating its influence on the payment issuing value chain and extending to other ecosystem players via its Associate Members and Advisory Councils programs.


Deliverables and output from the workgroup programs, such as whitepapers, presentations and recommendations can be found in the Publications section of the SPA Website.