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Certification on Mobile Payment Platforms - The SPA Position - April 2013

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The issuance of new card payment instruments, such as mobile platforms, requires payment card vendors to manage an ever-greater volume of EMVCo certification, and certification renewal, processes.


Such processes are time consuming and increasingly costly for the vendor community.


The SPA believes it is time for EMVCo certification processes to be reviewed; with new, more optimized processes agreed and standardized for mobile payment platforms.


While such an evolution will not be without its challenges, and trust in the certification process cannot be undermined, action must be taken to make the processes more workable. To achieve this goal, the SPA strongly believes a common and collaborative effort between all the different stakeholders is required.


This document offers some suggestions on how to achieve this goal.  



  pdf 13-04-12 PP Security Certification Mobile.pdf (113 KB)