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RECORDING & PRESENTATION AVAILABLE! Web Seminar: The Instant Payment Card Proposal - July 2020

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In the context of European initiatives pushing for a pan European payment scheme based on instant payments, the Smart Payment Association (SPA) has published a white paper, available here, that proposes an Instant Payment Card that would extend SEPA instant Credit Transfer functionality to consumers paying at point of sale (POS) terminals in stores and retail outlets across Europe.

Under this proposal, real time transfers could be made available to consumers in-store using a payment card or smartphone app – in the same way as we would pay using the contact or contactless functionality on conventional debit or credit cards today.

The SPA has received comments and remarks on the publication and proposes this webinar during which Alain Martin, President of the Smart Payment Association will present the SPA proposal and answer questions.


Event Information:

Watch here:

Download slides here:  pdf 20 07 01 spa webinar instant payment card (717 KB)