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Phasing out Magstripe: the need for collaboration and conversation - June 2023

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The Security of Card Payment Systems in a Post-Quantum World - October 2022

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BIOMETRIC PAYMENT CARDS - The Next Evolution in Secure Contactless Transactions - An SPA paper - December 2021

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2020 Smart Payment Card and Module Shipment Figures by its Members and Advisory Council Members released by Smart Payment Association

market monitoring

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Why offline authentication still matters in today’s online payments world - An SPA Insight - January 2021

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12th Annual Payments Summit - SPA Supporting Organization

payments summit 19 usa

11-14 March 2019 - Phoenix , Arizona, USA

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Top Smart Payment Card Shipment Figures 2017 released by Smart Payment Association (SPA)


shipments spa

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NXP joins SPA as Advisory Council Member


Smart Payment Association Announces Cooperation with NXP Semiconductors

Welcomes NXP as Market Monitoring Advisory Council Member of SPA

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CPI Card Group® and Smart Payment Association (SPA) Enter Partnership

CPI Card Group becomes a Market Monitoring Advisory Council Member of SPA


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