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Biometrics, Payment & GDPR, An SPA Analysis - March 2019

 Biometrics Payments GDPR 2

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IoT Payments: addressing the protection problem - An SPA Paper - February 2019

Iot payments security s

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Linxens and Smart Payment Association (SPA) announce cooperation - November 2018

Linxens Logo
Linxens becomes a Market Monitoring Advisory Council Member of SPA

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Payment Standards - Biometrics - Instant Payments - Trustech - SPA Workgroups Program - November 2018


JulienDrouet Photo spa
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Top Smart Payment Card Shipment Figures 2017 released by Smart Payment Association (SPA)


shipments spa

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Evaluating Instant Payments from a Card Industry perspective


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Smart Payment Association - January 2018 Update

Sylvie Gibert Gemalto news
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SPA Launches New Market Monitoring Advisory Councils - June 2017

market monitoring

Two Advisory Councils open up participation in market monitoring activities and data to non-SPA members





• Non-SPA members operating in the payment value chain can participate and collaborate in market monitoring activities as Advisory Council Members



• Advisory Council Members gain access to proprietary market data sets that keeps them abreast of global market trends



• Provides valuable networking opportunities with other organizations operating in the wider payment ecosystem


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International Forecourt Standard Forum (IFSF) and Smart Payment Association (SPA) announce cooperation

ifsf logo

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